FAQ and Campaign House Rules

Star Wars The Old Republic: Cold War

This campaign uses the Star Wars Saga edition system. All books are fair game. PC’s start at level 3 and are required to write a back story. Upon completion the GM confers with the player to develop a secret part of the back story that only they know. This could be something omitted from there known back story or change something completely from the back story the other PC’s know.

This campaign takes place in the Old Republic setting and starts in the year 3650 BBY, three years after the Treaty of Coruscant. The campaign will use the SWTOR holonet (Upcoming SW MMO) as a reference for some characters, planets, history etc… In addition, Wookiepedia is used as well.

The campaign will allow the PC’s to conduct there actions in such a way as to help either the Republic or the Sith Empire. Once a certain point is reached the party must decide which faction they wish to join.

FAQ and Campaign House Rules

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