Zava Adasca

Arkanian Offshoot scoudrel and pilot of the Galactic Phoenix.


Zava has white hair and slightly pointed ears as a result of her genetic modification. She also has human like hands which clearly depicts her as an “offshoot” of the Arkanian species which bares a strong resemblance to humans. She has pale blue, almond shaped eyes and a dry sense of humor; she is a master of her emotions. As a result of her genetic modifications she has an exotic attractiveness that often intimates feeble men. She wears a tight fitting, low cut, orange and white combat vest with matching tight pants. Zava carries a modified blaster pistol with her.


Little is known of Zava…

Zava claims to have connections with the Exchange and agrees to help the PC’s join the organization if they can prove they are valuable. It is unknown how she acquired the Galactic Phoenix, and XS Corellian Light Freighter, but it has undergone extensive modifications. Zava claims to have been smuggling for over five years and while helpful with the PC’s with any questions they have, she refuses to answer any personal questions that don’t involve “business.”

Zava introduces the party to Soleil Secura, a female Twi’lek and former holovid star. Apparently Soleil and Zava have made a mutual agreement to help free one another subjugated and enslaved peoples.

Zava Adasca

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