Tyko Organa

Male Human Noble, Head of House Organa


Tyko is a slender male of 40 years of age. He has brunette hair and brown eyes and takes pride in a clean shave which he does every morning. He styles his hair the same as he has the past 20 years, in Alderaan high Court fashion after his father.


Tyko Organa is relatively young for his standing as a head of a Royal House of Alderaan, particualry one so influential. Tyko married and had his daughter at the age of 21, shortly after graduating University at Coruscant Galactic University which he completed a year early. A very successful young adult life came crashing down when his wife died giving birth to there daughter Dalia. The death of his wife devastated him but he found new hope in his daughter Dalia whom he cherished greatly.

Tyko is incredibly smart and well connected, a feat which he has manage to build over his twenty years as head of House Organa. He is very focused on his career and despite his best efforts to be there for his daughter he is rather busy attempting to better the people of Alderaan. The time he does spend with his daughter is cherished greatly and they have a loving relationship.

When the war came to the planet he quickly proposed aligning with the Republic in order to repel the Sith Empire whom he knew would corrupt and maneuver the Royal Council like they did so many other worlds. Tyko was strongly allied with the Royal and at the request of the Crown Prince sought aid from the Jedi and Republic.

Tyko manage to escape off world and persuade the Jedi and Republic to aid Alderaan in the degense of his planet. The Sith learned of this and raided his estate killing his father and mother both of whom retired from Alderaan politics long ago. Fortunately his daughter was skiing at there mountain cabin when the attack occurred and she survived the battle.

This strong opposition against the Sith resulted in several assassination attempts on his life which he survived. One such attempt resulted in the Crown Princes death, but Tyko manage to kill the assassin with a holdout blaster that he now carries given the recent attempts on his life. Tyko Organa leads the Royal court that is Pro-Republic and is often look too for leadership when problems arise. This has resulted in House Organa and House Ulgo not seeing eye to eye on many things as King Ulgo expands his powers.

Tyko Organa

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