Soleil Secura

Female Twi'lek Noble and former Holovid Star


A sexy female Twi’lek with teal skin, blue eyes, and stunning body.

Vital Statistics:

Player: Kim
Class: Noble 3
Species: Twi’lek
Level: 3
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Destiny: Discovery

Force 6 Destiny 3
Init +3 Senses: Perception +5,

Basic, Ryl, High Galactic, Huttese, Rodese, Shyriiwook, Arkanian

Ref: 18. (15 Flat Footed) Fort: 17. Will: 16. HP: 31. Threshold:17

Speed 6 squares
Melee unnamed strike + 2 (1d4+1)
Melee knife + 2 (1d4+1)
Ranged Arkanain Sporting Pistol 6 (3d61)
Ranged Arkanain Sporting Pistol 6 (2d61) Stun

Base Atk +2; Grp +5
Atk Options Point Blank Shot

Str: 11. Dex:16. Con: 13. Int: 15. Wis: 11. Cha: 17.

Educated (Lineage Talent Tree) (pg. 44 CRB), Inspire Confidence (Inspiration Talent Tree) (pg. 44 CRB)

Improved Defenses, Skill Focus (Persuasion), Point Blank Shot, Weapon Prof. – Pistols (pg.89 CRB), Weapon Prof. – Simple (pg.89 CRB)

Skills: Deception + 9, Endurance + 2, Gather Information + 9, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +8, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +8, Knowledge (Any) +3, Perception + 5, Persuasion + 14, Pilot + 9, Use Computer + 8

Arkanain Sporting Pistol (Arkanian Weapon Template, inc HD d4 to d6), Poison Lip Stick: 1d20+10 vs Fort, 4d6 dmg and -1 cond, attacks every round until treat injury DC 25, miss deals half dmg and no condition.

Notes: Soheil is immune to the poison lipstick, as are all Twi’leks. The orgin of this poison is a mystery and Soheil has yet to tell anyone where she found such a thing.


Twi-lek Noble: Soleil Secura

Soleil Secura was born on the planet of Ryloth, home to various clan species of Twi’lek. The Rutian Twi’lek (female of rarer skin hues) grew up amongst an honest humble family that had connections to high Ryloth society, powerful political officials, and as well to prominent figures on other planets. Despite the well-known morality of her parents; the Secura clan lacked the wealth and affluence to advance in Noble society.

At the age of 18, Soleil left her childhood and parents to explore all the possibilities that Ryloth had to offer, one of which was in Twi’lek cinema. Soleil landed small roles in independent films which led to larger roles in feature films including the best-selling motion picture in all of Ryloth, “The Sith War” and starred as Mission Vao. In the short expanse of a year at the age of 19, Soleil developed a celebrity usually afforded to only royalty and has become one of the most recognized Holovid stars of the decade. The magazine, Galactic Gossip, described Soleil as the following: “From action-adventures to dramas to comedies to documentaries, Soleil, an up and coming Holovid star shines amongst the best young actresses in the galaxy. Soleil can function in any segment of the industry and is recognized almost immediately wherever she goes, and is treated with courtesy, respect, and even awe.”

Physically, Soleil has an impassable beauty that attracts all forms of attention even amongst the most criminal and dangerous of suitors. While on a night stroll thinking about an upcoming potential film role, Soleil ventures to her secret cave that she’s been visiting since her early childhood. Little does she know that someone else is squatting in the cave. (Note: Soleil visits the cave to help clear her mind and she loves admiring the far away planets at a distance). At 22 years of age at a high peak in her Holovid career, a tragic event shakes the planet of Ryloth whenever one of their most beloved Holovid Stars, Soleil, vanishes without almost a trace or clue for two years…into the capture of a slave trader.

Slavery was one of the main currencies of the Hutts. The Holovid actress had garnered too much attention and became the main target of the largest slave smuggling ring in the entire Galaxy, Nem’ro the Hutt. Soleil was worth a lot of money and within a year of her captivity (still the civilized world unknown of her whereabouts), the Rutian complexioned beauty was smuggled into the planet of Nar Shaadaa as an erotic dancer and sex slave for a Mandalorian General Vandorous Ordo, serving Mandalor the Ultimate.

Despite all the glitz and glamour, Soleil Secura was a brave, fierce, and independent persuader who hoped to use her Holovid career experiences in action films to escape the torment of the slave trade. At the age of 24 years, Soleil escapes the slave hold of her captor, Vandorous Ordo by leaving the trade the way she had entered almost two years previously….at nighttime. To her benefit, the young Twi’lek had devised a plan that would prove fruitful: whenever the guard brought Soleil dinner for the evening, the Twi’lek recreated a stunt that she had performed in the film, “The Sith Wars”. She would disarm the guard with her seductive charm and kill him by using poison lipstick that she was immune to. Soleil took the guard’s weapon and datapad to escape from the Mandalorian generals clutches. Soleil blasted a warrior and steals his XS Corellian light freighter and flies to freedom. With cleverness and talent, Soleil escapes the planet Mandalore and travels back to Ryloth and her family.

Soleil’s destiny unfolded in front of her that night: as Ambassador to Ryloth, she would use civil basic rights as her main platform to bring justice to all the Twi’leks that had been sold into slavery or kidnapped for any other unjust cause. At the age of 25, Soleil was granted the title of Ambassador to Ryloth under Senator Arie Lo’myn. Soleil rubbed shoulders with the galaxy’s movers and shakers, dining with heads of state, chatting with ambassadors, and acting as spokespersons for political causes including that of abolishing the slave trade. Soleil uses her charisma and erogenous charm to persuade high officials into recognizing her cause. The experience Soleil Secura had from making holovids came in handy when she fought for this case she believed in. Still wanting to be a part of the Holovid industry, Soleil uses her slave trade experience and popularity to make documentaries on some of the most horrifying topics including the Twi’lek slave trade of Ryloth. The extent of her Ambassador duties are never disclosed to the public due to the secret nature of her work…

As Ambassador to Ryloth, Soleil Secura, begins a civil rights campaign by promoting Twi’lek freedom through her non-profit organization web portal, Twiki’Leaks. Twiki’Leaks publishes submissions of private, top-secret, undisclosed, and classified media from anonymous ex-Twi’lek slaves, news sources, other leaks, and whistle blowers willing to reveal their personal horrors of the underground sex trade of Ryloth and other planets. The large archive of individual experiences serves as a podium for nameless Twi’leks to harvest potential ideas for slave trade abolition. Despite the Twiki’Leaks success and support from other galactic planets, a clandestine crime lord from Ryloth discovers the Twiki’Leaks while undercover and slices into the published archives and steals Twi’lek holonet addresses to trace the authors of the secretive documents. The crime lord was profiting from the slave trade by selling his own people to the Hutts. In an animalistic campaign, the Twiki’Leak authors become the targets of a large investigation to capture the individuals to censure any more slave trade disclosures and charge Soleil Secura with treason for being the mastermind behind the entire Twiki’Leak operation. An Ambassador on the run, Soleil Secura unsure of her title or where’s she going, takes her starship and heads out into the galaxy hoping to return to Ryloth when the unrest settles down….

To this day, Soleil Secura maintains the unsure title (due to taking off in her starship) of Ambassador to Ryloth; however, still is known throughout the entire galaxy, as the bravest Twi’lek in the entire Republic.

Destiny: Liberation- Soleils destiny and purpose in the galaxy is to act as an ambassador to Ryloth and represent the Republic in promoting Anti-Slavery laws. She vows to free any slave in the galaxy no matter the cost.

Soleil Secura

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