Savik Mord

Zabrek Soldier


A former Republic soldier with a surprising charm with the ladies.

Vital Statistics:

Player: Austin
Class: Scout 1/Soldier 3
Species: Zabrek
Level: 4
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Destiny: Champion

Force 7 Destiny 3
Init Senses: Perception


Ref: .( Flat Footed) Fort: . Will: . HP: . Threshold:

Speed 6 squares

Base Atk ; Grp
Atk Options

Str: 1. Dex:1. Con: 1. Int: 1. Wis: 1. Cha: 1.







Savik Mor, Zabrak,Soldier/Scout

Born: 3671 BBY

Age 30 at time of campaign start

In the lower levels of Coruscant the manufacturing workers did the best they could to eke out a modest living. Workers from the shipyards, foundries, service jobs and countless others found a sense of community in their simple existence despite living in the shadow of the elegant skyscrapers and palaces of the rich and powerful. One apartment complex in particular was home to mostly Zabraks who, for whatever reason, left Iridonia looking for a better life. In the year 3671 BBY one of the resident families, the Mords, welcomed a son into the world. Despite the threat of the Sith invasion in the outer rim, the first 10 years of Savik Mord’s were happy ones. He played with the other children, did well enough in school and developed a particular knack for getting himself into fights with bullies; which, through being outnumbered or simply outsized, he rarely won. But after each defeat Savik’s friend Jewl’s Nightbringer was always there to help dust him off when she wasn’t in the thick of it right along with him. Jewl’a’s family was of humble means as well and she and Saviks families got along well.

All of that changed when the Mandalorians blockaded the Hydian Way. For a time the community held itself together as food and materials gradually dwindled. But the food riots soon gripped the entire planet. Savik and Jewl’a’s parents often worked together and managed to get just enough to keep their families going. But after a year of struggle the worst happened. While out trying to feed their families for another day, Savik and Jewl’a’s parent found themselves in the middle of one of the most brutal days of rioting the planet had ever seen. Gangs and thugs had taken over the district and crushed anyone who tried to stand in their way. After managing to collect a few units of protein and vitamin supplements, they were set upon by a group of street thugs demanding the food for themselves. Being unarmed and outnumbered they surrendered their food without struggle. But the gang leader, a large, imposing human with a three clawed scar across his face, was not satisfied. The black market on food was undeniably the hottest sector of the slums’ economy but slave trafficking was a close second. “Grab the women!!” shouted the gang leader. This was too far. Savik and Jewl’a’s father fought as best they could but were shot down in the street along with their wives. In an instant Savik and Jewl’a were orphans. It wasn’t until 2 days later that they had to learn the news by seeing their parents’ names on a list of the dead posted in the district square. Through security vids and rumors

Savik and Jewl’a learned the identity of their parents’ killers. After finding the gang’s lair they waited and watched. After learning the gang’s movements, the two orphaned teens obtained 2 blasters and a thermal detonator. After the gang had gathered to count their plunder for the day, Savik and Jewl’a dispatched the 2 guards outside and barred the doors. It was a simple matter to set the thermal detonator’s timer and get far enough away. The building was engulfed in flames in what seemed like moments. Not even the emergency alarms could drown out the screams of the gang members as they slowly burned to death. Savik and Jewl’a stood silently holding hands and watching the building burn. Savik felt a profound sense of relief. Jewl’a on the other hand had found no peace. Throughout the following months Savik saw less and less of Jewl’a. In a world that should have eaten her alive, she thrived and soon became a name the gangs and thugs feared above all others. After the blockade ended Jewl’a came knocking at Savik’s door for the last time. She told him she would be leaving the district and would likely not return. She didn’t say where she was going or why, but she did say she would never forget Savik or how much their friendship had meant to her. He tried to find the right words but none seemed to convey what he felt. He didn’t know if he would ever see her again but he knew she would be able to make her way in a galaxy that had already failed to destroyer countless times already.

The years crept by and Coruscant gradually tried to get itself back to normal. The moment Savik turned 18 he saw the opportunity to get out, just like Jewl’a had done. He joined the republic military and looked to put his new found experience with a blaster to good use.

During this time of desperation all new recruits were sent to the front lines right out of basic training. And for his first assignment, Savik was sent to Alderaan. The victory at Alderaan would go down as a major turning point for the republic, and a major eye opener for Savik. Savik had seen death, destruction and horrors he could not have imagined by the campaign’s end. The ruthless and effective killing power of the Sith warriors had taken Savik completely by surprise. Comrades were cleaved in half by the blood red lightsabers of the sith; nothing could have prepared Savik for the horrors of war. But as he somehow survived day after day, the fear gradually turned to hate. Hatred for the ones who had killed his friends and hatred for the sith who so callously butchered innocents in their homes were all that kept him going.

Near the end of the conflict, the republic received word of a small farming community suspected of housing Sith weapons and supplies. Under cover of darkness, Savik led a precision strike force to investigate the claims and eliminated any potential threat. After a sweep of the area, the strike force found no one at the farming community but an underground cache of weapons was discovered. The cache was not particularly large but the republic war effort would certainly benefit from the sith having a few less thermal detonators. The strike force arrived back the home base for debriefing and cataloging of the new munitions. Savik had barely gotten his armor off when a scout patrol arrived with some troubling news. The farmers who were nowhere to be seen the night before now lay dead throughout their homes with blaster burns from republic weapons. Imperial agents were already working the locals into a frenzy over the alleged republic attack. The populace, which had been on the side of the republic, was now ready to forsake their allies and join the sith willingly. Savik’s commanding officers knew he could not have been responsible for such a brutal massacre and recognized the imperial trickery for what it was. But the local resistance in this region was too important to the war

effort; something had to be done to regain their trust. The commanders secretly agreed to convince the locals that Savik had been executed for his crimes. A mock public firing squad was set up and Savik reluctantly played his part. Afterward, it was decided that it was best for everyone if Savik was sent off planet. It was a week later that the republic claimed victory on Alderaan. The soldiers returned home as heroes of the republic. Savik’s brothers in arms were decorated and honored while Savik was cast adrift with nothing but his gear and a clandestine discharge which would read as just another KIA.

Savik booked passage with the first freighter he could and earned his keep as a hired gun. Savik found that mercenary work came easily to him. But there were some jobs that Savik simply refused to do and this caused some problems the further away from the core he got. Some crews who didn’t share Savik’s sense of honor would often cut him loose of simply try to kill him when these conflicts of morality would arise.

Throughout his travels, Savik would occasionally make it to a planet to catch up on the galaxies notable happenings. After bidding farewell to a rodian transport ship he had been with for just over a month, Savik heard a particularly interesting story from a crippled, elderly mandalorian in a port cantina about a ferocious zabrak warrior who had been the most ruthless participant in the great hunt he had ever seen. Her kills were a thing of horrid beauty and her reputation as the stuff of nightmares for criminal syndicates and lowlifes was clearly well earned. Savik was shocked to learn that this valkyrie was none other than his childhood friend Jewl’a Nightbringer. He had known that she would be alright but he couldn’t have imagined she would attain such notoriety. A smile crept onto his face; happy memories had become a rare thing in his life. He knew he would never see Jewl’a again, especially now that she had made a name for herself. Savik paid for his drinks, pulled his hood over his head and wandered out into the night, feeling perhaps a little inspired knowing that someone from almost the same origin as himself could have achieved so much. Why not him too? Nal Hutta’s city lights were oddly beautiful at night, Savik thought to himself just as the acid rain began to fall. Work as a mercenary was never hard to find in Hutt space, and Savik knew his next paycheck could not come soon enough.

Savik Mord

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