Garruk Ordo

Mandalorian Soldier


An easily angered noble who lost his clan members to slavers.

Vital Statistics:

Player: Howard
Class: Scoundrel / Soldier 3
Species: Human
Level: 4
Gender: Male

Force 7 Destiny 3
Init Senses: Perception


Ref: .( Flat Footed) Fort: . Will: . HP: . Threshold:

Speed 6 squares

Base Atk ; Grp
Atk Options

Str: 1. Dex:1. Con: 1. Int: 1. Wis: 1. Cha: 1.







I grew up on Ordo in the Mandalore sector, a desert planet. I live as part of the clan Ordo that was one time lead by Canderous Ordo or Mandalore the Preserver. My grandfather told me much of the history of the Mandalorians. He taught me how fighting is the only time we could feel alive. He taught me that dying in battle is the greatest honor a Mandalorian could have. My training began as soon as I could wield a weapon. My Father Vandorous Ordo, Mother Anl Ordo, and grandfather Garg Ordo showed me the difference between fighting with the heart and mind. My training was brutal and invigorating. At the age of 13 I was given the verd’goten, a rite of passage into adulthood. I claimed my very first kill during my rite. My father, by my side during the killing, told me that night under the stars that the greatest weapon a Mandalorian has is his mind. On returning with dinner for my clan and family my grandfather gave me my Mandalorian armor. It was old and had seen many battles but it still worked. The suit reminded me of the old ways of Mandalorians. It looked like the tradition set of Mandalorian armor but I wore it proud.

Years to come I was taught how to repair technology and even how to reprogram it because technology is just as important as a rock in war. I remember my greatest task was to fix a Basilisk war droid. When I finally got it working I named it Karix after the desert cat I killed during my rite. My grandfather taught me how to fly it and what war droids are capable of and one day when Mandalorians reunite together how we will use these mighty beast to bring our enemies to their knees.

Many times I went on missions with my father to earn money for our clan. Sometimes we claimed bounties others we protected cargo. It seemed that many people were in need of protection from the invading Sith and on many occasions we got the fight we were looking for. Though the galaxy seemed like it was coming apart at the seams. We still found time to go watch the gladiator fights. We watched as a new Mandalore came into power. Every time he entered the ring we cheered his name soon he was given the title Mandalore. He then called on all the Mandalorians to come fight alongside him for the Sith. All answered his call even I, but my father and grandfather choose to stay out of it. Before I left for the meeting place my father told me to watch and see if the young Mandalore was not being controlled by Sith.

To this day I hit myself for not listening to my father. the history of my people has been every time we sided with the Sith we have been used as pawns in their game for conquest and what happened at the blockade was no different. We held that blockade for a year pushing back anything that came our way. The mighty Jedi and any attempt from the republic fleet. During my time in blockade I heard rumors of some clans getting tired of holding the lines and wanted to take the battle to the enemy, but here we stayed. Soon I heard rumors that the Mandalore was being controlled by the Sith and some could see the evidence of this. Secret meetings behind closed doors. Sith ships docking with the flag ship. Then came the day the Mandalorians was defeated by frigates.

Mandalore the Lesser died at the hands of Artus and became Mandalore the Vindicated. The new Mandalore decided to side with the Sith as well saying that this time we will be careful and watch our allies. A small group of clans did not like this seeing a pattern of Sith abuse of the Mandalorians. A meeting was called about 20 clans was attended this meeting. My Grandfather was there for clan Ordo and me as well. Jicoln Cadera talk of overthrowing the Mandalore and joining the republic side in this fight. After the meeting Grandfather introduced me to Jicoln and Jicoln told me of a mission he wanted me to take on. I was given the task of recruiting more clans to our cause. This would be the last time I would see anyone of them alive again.

I called on those I had fought alongside with at the blockade. I set the meeting place at a remote location on Mandalore. I took Karix, the War droid to the location as a sign of respect and to remind the clan members of the glory days for Mandalorians. 8 Clan members came to that meeting. For days we discussed the best way to over throw the new Mandalore. Lytar, my friend and advisor, help me convince the 8 clans to join. Some of the clans are small but have the resources needed to support a fight against Mandalore. The meeting ended with great success and all the clan members left to prepare to join the already raging battle to change the Mandalorians future. Little did I know that the resistance had already been crushed and with a little help from the Agents of Imperial Intelligence the Upper Mandalorian clans knew of the meeting I was holding to unite more into our cause.

With a couple of Mandalorians with me we packed up getting ready to leave for home when a group of speeders pulled up with Mandalorians on them. The symbol they carried on their armor was the one of a major clan on Mandalore I asked to join our cause. Clan Crentum leader Secker had said no to my meeting, but now his brother Brardt stood in staring at me after leaping off his War droid. The clan carried some heavy duty firepower 12 against 3. Brardt told me the resistance is dead and that I’ve caused a lot of trouble for his employer. It was then I realized that the Sith had gained foothold in some of the bigger clans and this will spell trouble for us but it was the evidence I needed to convince the Mandalore to side with the republic. Luckily I was wearing my helmet at the time so I was able to switch commutations channels and wake up Karix and have him start recording the conversation. I tried my best to steer the talk toward the Sith and get Brardt to incriminate the Crentum clan but I did not get that far. One of

Brardt clan members figured out my little scheme. In a split second, blaster fire rained in my direction pinning me and my clan mates behind the little cover we had. Little did they know that I had a War droid of my own inside the building waiting for instructions. I ordered it to give cover fire and as it lay down a spread of fire. We went back in the building gather weapons and the little ammo we had. I hopped on the War droid and took to the air hovering slightly above the building giving cover fire for my two clan mates to retreat to their hover bikes.

Before I could make sure they could make it off safely, the radar went off indicating 3 more War droids closing fast. They chased me to the forest where I planned a trap just in case this may happen. Pushed ahead of them toward the middle of the forest. I activated plan A and waited for my War Droid to lead them under me. As soon as I saw them heading my way I jumped down and ignited my jetpack. Attached to my rifle, I fired a liquid cable to the back pursuing War droid. I hit the driver directly off. The remaining turned around to deal with me, but My droid did not give them much of a chance he opened fire destroying a war droid and killing the driver.

I floored the Basilisk toward the other confused driver not knowing how to shoot before it hit I jumped and fired my jetpack while firing my rifle at Brarnt. I flew right I to him taking him and me towards the ground. My droid finished off the last Basilisk. As we spiraled down and struggled to gain control over the other, I got around his neck and fired my jet pack toward the ground releasing him just before we hit and pulling up as fast I could. It was a bumpy landing but I would live to have more. Brarnt on the other hand was not so lucky his neck snapping on impact. I searched his body for anything I could find. I found a data pad instructing him to return to the ship once he finished his mission. Coordinates and passwords were on the pad. I hopped back on my Basilisk and headed for orbit. On the way, I sent a signal to my other clan mates hoping they escaped to where to meet me for pickup. Only one replied.

As I arrived at the coordinates on the data pad, I saw a Sith ship waiting. I sent the password and they powered down their weapons and took down their shields. I flew Karix at the bridge blasting out the windows. I circled back around and cleared the dock bay. As I made my way through the ship I took down Mandalorians and Sith troops until I reached the closed off bridge. I overrode the controls and entered the decompressed bridge. I went to the control panel and begin downloading as much software as possible. Several clan names popped up on the document sections. Suraja, Bakul, Jicir, amd Ricad. These are major players among the Mandalorian clans but I did not know if that meant they are working for the Sith or only been infiltrated by them. I would have to decode them later.

I set the ship in a decaying orbit towards the planet. The ship would come in too steep and explode. As I made my way back to the hanger I ran into a Sith warrior carrying a lightsaber. I could hardly contain myself as I set my rifle to full auto and opened fire on the Sith combatant. He dodge and deflected my shots. He closed in and cut my rifle in half. That was my favorite rifle. I dodge his lightsaber the best I could pulling out my pistol during a spin I shot at him. I felt a wave of what was like water shove me back against a door 20 feet away knocking my gun out my hand. I ducked in time to miss a lightsaber stab to the heart. I hit his lightsaber away and we fought hand to hand. As he went high I span under his hand drew my blade and plugged it into his back. As this happened his lightsaber, spinning and on, cut a groove into my helmet then turned off and hit the floor.

Laughing, I left the ship on my droid and watched as the Sith ship burned on entry. After I got picked up by my Clan mate we headed for home. We dropped off my Karix with the data armed up and left for Hut space. Ranas, the clan mate, and me worked odd jobs trying to blend in with the rest of the Mandalorians. We stretched our information chain gaining as many allies as possible planning our next attack. I learned months after I got the data that almost all the Clan members that I meet with was assassinated. it was in that next month the republic signed the treaty.

Months later I said my goodbyes to Ranas to go to Nar Shadara to meet Lytar who said that he may have a way to crack the Sith data. Ranas promised to work towards gathering more allies to join our cause. As I entered the system I lost all contact Lytar and have not heard back from him in a week.

Destiny: To have the Mandalorians join the fight on the Republic side, and to kill all the Mandalorians traitors.

Garruk Ordo

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