Dalia Organa

Human Female Noble


Dalia has fair skin and takes pride in her appearance as every princess of Alderaan should. She exercise regularly and loves running and snow skiing. She has long brunette hair which she typically keeps in a long pony tail and big brown eyes. She is only 19 years old but when she isn’t partying can actually carry across a maturity level far above her station.


She attends the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies and is the only child of Tyko Organa. Her mother died giving birth to her. As a result, given no mother figure in her life she has been known to act “unlady like” at times. With a minimal female influence and her father Tyko constantly involved in Alderaan’s court, Dalia often spends most of her time when not at the Academy with her best freind Savilla Antilles.

What little time she does spend with her father is greatly enjoyed, and while she doesn’t consider herself a daddy’s girl she does know that he will do anything for her. In fact, it was Tyko who taught her how to shoot a blaster at there private cabin in the Alderaan mountains.

Dalia attends court at times, and while she is an “outdoor girl” she is very capable of keeping up with the internal affairs of Alderaan politics; one day she will lead house Organa in place of her father.

Dalia Organa

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