Star Wars: The Old Republic

Episode V: The Mad World

Waking with ominous dreams of uncertain futures, each hero reflects on where there life has taken them thus far. With Savik getting romantically involved with Dalia Organa, the heroes find themsleves closely aligned with House Organa’s interest.

During a hearing between the Royal House and the Republic and Empire, a bomb kills Miston Thul and Tyko Organa as well as King Ulgo’s double. Dalia, now head of her house ask the heroes to investigate the murder further. They find themselves fighting Shae Vizla in a mountain ski lodge but manage to spoil her plans of uploading some sort of data, but she manages to escape.

Soon the heroes find themselves framed for the murder of Organa and Thul and on the run as fugitives of Alderaan with bounties placed on the head. Jedi Vangar finds himself under temporary expulsion into the matter is resolved. Fearing there welcome has worn out, the heroes depart Alderaan and make for Arkania to meet with Zava, one of the few friends the heroes have in the galaxy…

Episode III: Trapped, but not a Trap

Old english the heroes arrive at docking pad 87 and see a large crowd gathered at the entrance. The docking bay officer lays dead at the computer control panel surrounded by three guards and Zava is being arrested by two other guards being placed in binder cuffs. A wrecked droid lies in the center of the docking pad and another XS Corellian transport is on land pad pad 87 B.

Before the heroes could react a Mandalorian fires a stream of fire from both arms and jumps into a speeder. The accomplice, a robbed blue skinned huminoid carries a small one square foot crate. The two sped off into the skies over Alderaan. A gaurd comes over to question the onlookers while Garruk manages to sneak over and extract the destroyed droids memory core. Shortly after an Alderaan investigator and ten other security guards arrive and lock down the landing pad. They place magnetic lock on the heroes and unknown ship and seal the pad doors.

Garruk decides to return with Vangar the Jedi to the Organa Estate and see if he can recover any vital data from the droids memory core. Vangar decides to take this time to meditate on what he has learned and update the Jedi Council on his mission to infiltrate the Exchange.

Meanwhile, Savik and Soleil head to the Alderaan Security Bereau and negotiate Zava’s release. The officer also inform the them that the holovid footage shows that three Duros met the Mandalorian and cloacked person on the pad before the docking officer approached them. The docking officer then ran to the computer consol to call for backup and was shot. The group retired to the other Corellian frieghter.

Zava said she hid on her ship while all this was going on and is cleared as a susepct. However, she is wanted for some crimes committed while on Alderaan under New Republic law. Savik is quick to remind the officer, that since Alderaan is now neutral, they Zava cannot be held on those charges. The officer is forced to release Zava. The two decide to go celebrate at the bar inside there hotel from the night before, Zava returns to the Organa estate to prepare for the infiltration into the docking pad later that night.

Dalia organa 2
Dalia Organa

Savik and Soleil are enjoying drinks when Dalia and Savilla arrive. Soleil senses some jealousy in Dalia and immediately moves in on Savik being overly forward. Savilla ask where Garruk is and is told he has some work to do with a droid. Savik and Dalia begin to chat and flirt while Soleil goes to the dance floor and gathers attention from several males.

Before they realize it, the hour approaches midnight and Savik is forced to excuse himself to Dalia’s disappointment. Savik manages to haul Soleil away from a crowd of guys after mentioning something about “leaving the children at home” and grabbing hre by the hand leading her out the bar. Soleil was not happy about this.

The heroes rendezvous near docking pad 87 and after a testament of the skills are able to infiltrate the docking pad and investigate the crime scene. They discover a secret cargo hold with 60,000 credits of spice and a young Twi’lek girl bound and gagged as well. There are three dead Duros and the Hyperdrive motivator has been damaged. Lastly, Soleil discovers that only three of the four proton torpedo are in the starship which recently came from Ryloth.

The heroes decide not to try and remove the magnetic clamps but do transfer the three remaing torpedoes from the smuggler transport to Zava’s before returning to the Organa estate with the little girl and the datapad found on one of the dead Duro’s bodies. The datapad mentions s spice drop with an Aqualish that is supposed to happen later today at the Castle Lands where the ancient Killiks built large mound-like cities.

Crevasse city
Crevasse City

Before they leave the heroes hear Tyko yelling at his daughter Dalia about her whereabouts from the night before. Savik is shocked at there relation and listens through the door at there argument. Fortunately Dalia storms off upstairs to her room. Tyko apologizes and offers directions and a speeder to use to travel to the Castle Lands.

Later that afternoon after some rest Zava stays with Leera, the young Twi’lek girl and the heroes take a speeder to meet for the spice drop. The Aqualish sees the heroes approaching with his electro-binoculars and immediately flees to Crevasse city where he is able to lose them in the lower levels of the city. The heroes are amazed at the newness of the lower levels and glitz and lights of the city. They also see some holoads about the hot springs, casino’s and famous crystalline structures. Vangar senses a dark presence in the force coming from an Antilles nonoperational cave and the heroes decide to investigate in hopes of finding the spice smuggler.

Crystal caverns
Antilles Crystal Caverns

The heroes journey into the dark caves amazed at the amount of unharvested crystals and stumble upon some smugglers mining the crystal. A quick fire fight breaks out and Soleil and Vangar are scorched slightly before they dispatch the eight thugs. Vangar senses a heavy dark presence in the cloaked figure who spends a few moments jury-rigging a repulser sled. Vangar examines the sled and doesn’t notice anything odd so Garruk decides to come over and check it out, as he does the sled explodes wounding both Vangar and Garruk. Vangar manages to find a lightsaber crystal from the debris before the heroes pursue the cloaked figure out of the caves to the surface. They see four speeders and decide to take three of them to pursue the mysterious dark side humanoid. Garruk and Savik decide to take a V35 Courier which has a mounted blaster rifle and Soleil and Vangar each take the faster Zephyr-G Swoop bikes.

The heroes pursue in a high speed chase towards the snow capped mountains of Alderaan. Along the way a large herd of colossal Thranta’s emerges from the clouds forcing the heroes to perform some evasive maneuvers and avoid crashing in to the clumsy ray like creatures. After evading the Thrantas the heroes continue up the mountains and into an icy cavern full of columns and stalagmites. Garruk reroutes the power to the V35 allowing Savik to push the vehicle ever closer to the cloaked figure. Once withing range Garruk opens up with the heavy blaster and is awarded with an bright explosion near a cliff edge sending a suitcase the cloaked figure ran off with flying into the snow.

Chiss darth sanvus
Darth Sanvus, Chiss Sith Lord

To everyones amazement the cloaked figure quickly flips off the speeder landing unharmed in the snow. With her cloak tattered and burned, the figure reveals activates a crimson red lightsaber and ready’s her fighting stance. The woman is deep blue skinned Chiss with elaborate tattoos and fierce blood red eyes. The heroes draw there weapons but before they are able to attack suddenly a Basilisk war droid emerges from below the cliff with the same mysterious mandalorian piloting it. The Dark Jedi jumps onto the droid and flies off leaving the heroes unable to pursue do to the sheer drop of the cliff. Garruk reasons the repulsorlifts would not be able to absorbs such a long fall and they would all likely die if they tried to fly off the cliff and pursue the enemy.

The heroes do take satisfaction in recovering the suitcase after they open it revealing ten well cut crystals and a datapad. Vangar recognizes two of the crystals, a Sigil and Solari crystal and takes them for lightsaber construction. The rest remain in the case for the party to decide what to do with. Garruk slices into the datapad and sees several messages to a “Darth Sanvus” regarding supervision of a crystal mining project on Alderaan and the need for ores as well. There is also a unique schematic of an long satellite object covered with crystals on the datapad as well. None of the heroes recognize what the strange constuct is though they decide it is important.

With three new speeders the heroes return to Crevasse city and stumble onto two men arguing about grape vines and Wooly moths. Vangar and Soleil could care less about the farmers argument but Garruk and Savik see a potential opportunity for some new business. After speaking with the two farmers they learn that Darrin is upset that his moths were killed when Karl crop dusted his own fields to stop them from destroying his grape crops. Davin insist he closed the green house doors yesterday at the end of the shift before meeting with his employees at the end of the day. The heroes journey to Davin’s farm and learn that an old man suffering from Alzheimer left the doors open and showed up late to the meeting thus allowing the moths to escape. Davin reluctantly agrees to pay for the damages and both men offer the heroes an opportunity to buy there product at wholesale prices and sell on another planet. Davin sells fine wools for clothing and Karl sells wine. The heroes promise they will consider and arrange for the cargo to be sent to docking pad 87 if they decide to go ahead with the deal.

Tyko organa
Tyko Organa, the Heroes new employer

After this debate is solved the heroes return to Aldera city and meet with Tyko. Tyko reports some good news saying he won the auction on the hunk of junk XS class transport and offers the starship in exchange for services to House Organa now and in the future whenever he requires. Seeing as how the heroes have no ship of there own and Zava plans to journey home to Arkania, they agree. Tyko says he will require there services tomorrow as personal guards when the Imperial and Republic Admirals in orbit above Alderaan meet with the Royal Houses to discuss the recent events regarding House Thul, the Mandalorians and the explosion in the Antilles mine, not to mention the murder of the docking officer. Tyko is worried at the allowance of troops on Alderaan and feels King Ulgo has taken advantage of his martial law. Tyko warns them that if Alderaan rejoins the Republic Zava will be arrested, while if they join the Empire, he feels the people may rebel do the the invasion during the war. Tyko does inform them that the ship is missing its hyperdrive motivator.

During the meeting Dalia and Savilla come down stairs and “meet” the heroes for the first time. Dalia and Savik share a look and manage to portray this as there first meeting. Tyko introduces the two girls as his daughter Dalia Organa and her best friend Savilla Antilles. The two girls soon leave giggling to themselves and Dalia turns and gives Savik one last look before heading out the door.

Vangar returns to there new ship and see the magnetic clamps have been removed. Soleil and Garruk decides to go shop for a new hyperdrive motivator. Zava and Leera talk over a cup of eeffoc that Leera is surprisingly good at making. Savik decides to head to the hotel bar and is not surprised to see Dalia and Savilla there. Savilla is again disappointed Garruk is not there and ask Savik about him. She is beginning to think he is not interested, but decides to excuse herself so Dalia and Savik can bond.

During the night the two drink and dance and Savik takes the excessive laughing at stupid jokes and goes in for a kiss which Dalia happily returns.

Meanwhile, Garruk and Soleil arrive at A.S.S. (Alderaan Starship Store) to buy a hyperdrive motivator which they manage to get for a bargain of 400 credits. While browsing the store Garruk notices a T3 droid in poor shape and ask how much for it. After Farruk inspects the droid and bargains with the ship keeper they agree on a price of 1000 credits. unfortunately the heuristic processor has been damaged beyond repair and Garruk buys another one as well.

T3 p3
T3-P3 the mysterious quirky droid

Soleil and Garruk return to there new ship and Garruk repairs the hyperdive and T3-P3. T3 squeals as soon as he is powered up and rolls into the bulkhead, his head spinning round and round, obviously a delay from the ion blast that overloaded his circuits long ago. T3 scans Garruk who has his helmet and plays a message of a beautiful woman in an elegant dress.

“Commander, the Mandolorian Empire is a great power. Given the recent state of affairs I have an interesting proposal I would like to discuss with you further involving the future of both the Mandolorians and the Hapes Consortium. Do to the vital sensitivity of this information I am only able to relay it to you in person. Travel to Hapes where we can discuss this further. The data for this hyperspace rout is in the droids memory, you should know how to retrieve it. When you land on Hapes, have this droid transfer the encrypted security signal and request to dock at docking bay 55. Once there my associate Zhedn. I look forward to meeting with you soon Commander.”

Garruk has no idea who the woman is and goes to bed wondering what such a message could mean.

Later, Savik finds himself laying next to Dalia admiring the curves of her naked body while she sleeps in her bed. Savik finds himself not only wishing his penthouse suite wasn’t still a crime scene, but htat he hadn’t drank so much that he couldn’t remember the docking pad pass code to get aboard there ship. He falls asleep inside Tyko Organa’s estate in Dalia’s bed and drifts into a deep sleep.

Episode II: An Unexpected Cargo

Alderaan capital

Old english zava informs the heroes of a smuggling/escort job to Alderaan that is needed. She can pay them 6000 credits, half up front. They meet Kim (Soheil) and escort her to Alderaan. Soheil is to meet with the Alderaan Royal Houses to discuss anti0slavery laws after learning house Thul has been selling Twi’leks to the Sith Empire. Soheil has agreed to help Zava with her people on Arkania in return for Zava helping Soheil get into Alderaan.

Alderaan is being orbited by a Republic and Imperial fleet but the PC’s manage to get on planet and land at Aldera City, the capital. Soheil meets with the council and manages to attract a few allies, primarily House Organa and Antilles, however, the Mad King Ulgo and Thul and Rist are strongly opposed to her. Though house Ulgo is hated by everyone for his poor governance of Alderaan and its martial law status. Additionally, Alderaan has recently seceded from the Republic and is neutral. Tyko Organa speaks with Soheil and informs her of house Thuls dealings with the Empire. Tyko suggest the PC sneak into his estate and recover any evidence from a mainframe from house Thul.

Alderaan royal palace

The PC’s are put into a penthouse suite by Tyko. The next day they manage to sneak into the Thul estate undetected and learn that House Thul has been conducting operations with the Sith. They also see notes regarding Savik (Austin) and his crimes, he is wanted on Alderaan for 5000 credits. The also find holovid footage of Jewl’a Nightbringer killing the Alderaan civilians and setting up a weapons cache and Republic items there, Savik wonders why Jewl’a would do such a thing.

The PC’s return and present the evidence to Tyko who then presents it to the House Council. The PC’s are placed under house arrest at the Penthouse and Ulgo places guards to watch them until the matter concerning the supposed crimes of Savik are cleared with the Royal Houses. The other PC’s are held in collaboration with a suspected murder.

While at the Organa Luxury Resort on Aldera city, Savik and Garrik decide to go to the bar and drink to a well completed mission. While there they meet two women, both humans. A brunette named Dalia, and a blonde named Savilla. They are universitys students at the Alderaan Select Academy for Young ladies. The two warriors manage to impress the girls and invite them up to their penthouse. While enjoying the party, suddenly armed men burst into the penthouse and a brief fire fight erupts. The mercenaries are easily dispatched but the PC’s clearly think this is the work of house Thul. The two women kiss Savik and Garrik with light pecks and allow them to escort them downstairs to their Hoverlimo.

Savik is cleared of his crimes of murder; however, King Ulgo demands he be held accountable for desertion and fraud for faking his death and fleeing. The other PC’s are found innocent of collaboration; however, Zava is also accused of smuggling under Republic law. Ryan manages to convince the houses that he serves the Force and neither the Republic nor the Sith, and given that Alderaan is no longer part of the Republic, Savik cannot be held for crimes that were enacted by Republic officials at the time. The Royal Houses are reluctantly forced to agree or face penalty by the Republic. Meanwhile house Thul is under investigation and riots begin around his estate for his supposed crimes. If convicted House Thul will be once again exiled.

The PC’s return to their docking bay to meet Zava on the Galactic Phoenix. They arrive and find a crowd of people blocking the entrance and several Alderaan security guards standing over a dead docking bay officer. The PC’s see another vessel, also a Corellian XS Light Freighter Transport, in Docking bay 87, pad B. Zava is being questioned and looks quite nervous.

Alderaan dockin pad

The PC’s see a warrior with a Mandolorian Helmet and another cloaked mysterious operative with blue hands. The Mandalorian fires two burst of fire from gauntlets before hopping in a speeder and flying off with a square crate about one square foot large. A sergeant radios a command into his comlink and runs over to the crowd. Did anyone see what those two looked like? Before anyone can answer he is shot down by an assassin droid (CL 8 Battle). The PC’s quickly dispatch the assassin driod and find themselves witness to another murder.


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