Savilla Antilles

Dalia's friend, heir to House Antilles


Savilla has shoulder length blond hair and green eyes. She is much like her best friend Dalia in that she is very physically active and loves to play grav-ball. She can hang with the boys and often quarrels with them. Don’t let her cute looks fool you for Savilla also regularly trains in martial arts combat. As a result of her conditioning she is exceptionly fit. Savilla is twenty years old.


Savilla Antilles attends the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies with her best friend Dalia Organa. Like her friend, she too is heir to her house, House Antilles; though her house is far less influential than House Organa. In her spare time when she is not with Dalia she is piloting her speeder around Alderaan and often flies through the forest and mountains to better her skills. Whenever she is getting rambunctious with Dalia she insist that she will not go anywhere unless she gets to fly the speeder, to watch Dalia always agrees.

Savilla’s father and mother are a great influence in her life and sometimes her father confides in her on the politics of Alderaan and whether it would be easier to try living somewhere with less “Royal Nerf Poodoo,” somewhere perhaps like Corellia. While Savilla greatly admires her parents she wishes to finish the Academy first rather than leave her best friend Dalia behind.

Savilla Antilles

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