Star Wars: The Old Republic

Episode V: The Mad World

Waking with ominous dreams of uncertain futures, each hero reflects on where there life has taken them thus far. With Savik getting romantically involved with Dalia Organa, the heroes find themsleves closely aligned with House Organa’s interest.

During a hearing between the Royal House and the Republic and Empire, a bomb kills Miston Thul and Tyko Organa as well as King Ulgo’s double. Dalia, now head of her house ask the heroes to investigate the murder further. They find themselves fighting Shae Vizla in a mountain ski lodge but manage to spoil her plans of uploading some sort of data, but she manages to escape.

Soon the heroes find themselves framed for the murder of Organa and Thul and on the run as fugitives of Alderaan with bounties placed on the head. Jedi Vangar finds himself under temporary expulsion into the matter is resolved. Fearing there welcome has worn out, the heroes depart Alderaan and make for Arkania to meet with Zava, one of the few friends the heroes have in the galaxy…



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