Star Wars: The Old Republic

Episode II: An Unexpected Cargo

Alderaan capital

Old english zava informs the heroes of a smuggling/escort job to Alderaan that is needed. She can pay them 6000 credits, half up front. They meet Kim (Soheil) and escort her to Alderaan. Soheil is to meet with the Alderaan Royal Houses to discuss anti0slavery laws after learning house Thul has been selling Twi’leks to the Sith Empire. Soheil has agreed to help Zava with her people on Arkania in return for Zava helping Soheil get into Alderaan.

Alderaan is being orbited by a Republic and Imperial fleet but the PC’s manage to get on planet and land at Aldera City, the capital. Soheil meets with the council and manages to attract a few allies, primarily House Organa and Antilles, however, the Mad King Ulgo and Thul and Rist are strongly opposed to her. Though house Ulgo is hated by everyone for his poor governance of Alderaan and its martial law status. Additionally, Alderaan has recently seceded from the Republic and is neutral. Tyko Organa speaks with Soheil and informs her of house Thuls dealings with the Empire. Tyko suggest the PC sneak into his estate and recover any evidence from a mainframe from house Thul.

Alderaan royal palace

The PC’s are put into a penthouse suite by Tyko. The next day they manage to sneak into the Thul estate undetected and learn that House Thul has been conducting operations with the Sith. They also see notes regarding Savik (Austin) and his crimes, he is wanted on Alderaan for 5000 credits. The also find holovid footage of Jewl’a Nightbringer killing the Alderaan civilians and setting up a weapons cache and Republic items there, Savik wonders why Jewl’a would do such a thing.

The PC’s return and present the evidence to Tyko who then presents it to the House Council. The PC’s are placed under house arrest at the Penthouse and Ulgo places guards to watch them until the matter concerning the supposed crimes of Savik are cleared with the Royal Houses. The other PC’s are held in collaboration with a suspected murder.

While at the Organa Luxury Resort on Aldera city, Savik and Garrik decide to go to the bar and drink to a well completed mission. While there they meet two women, both humans. A brunette named Dalia, and a blonde named Savilla. They are universitys students at the Alderaan Select Academy for Young ladies. The two warriors manage to impress the girls and invite them up to their penthouse. While enjoying the party, suddenly armed men burst into the penthouse and a brief fire fight erupts. The mercenaries are easily dispatched but the PC’s clearly think this is the work of house Thul. The two women kiss Savik and Garrik with light pecks and allow them to escort them downstairs to their Hoverlimo.

Savik is cleared of his crimes of murder; however, King Ulgo demands he be held accountable for desertion and fraud for faking his death and fleeing. The other PC’s are found innocent of collaboration; however, Zava is also accused of smuggling under Republic law. Ryan manages to convince the houses that he serves the Force and neither the Republic nor the Sith, and given that Alderaan is no longer part of the Republic, Savik cannot be held for crimes that were enacted by Republic officials at the time. The Royal Houses are reluctantly forced to agree or face penalty by the Republic. Meanwhile house Thul is under investigation and riots begin around his estate for his supposed crimes. If convicted House Thul will be once again exiled.

The PC’s return to their docking bay to meet Zava on the Galactic Phoenix. They arrive and find a crowd of people blocking the entrance and several Alderaan security guards standing over a dead docking bay officer. The PC’s see another vessel, also a Corellian XS Light Freighter Transport, in Docking bay 87, pad B. Zava is being questioned and looks quite nervous.

Alderaan dockin pad

The PC’s see a warrior with a Mandolorian Helmet and another cloaked mysterious operative with blue hands. The Mandalorian fires two burst of fire from gauntlets before hopping in a speeder and flying off with a square crate about one square foot large. A sergeant radios a command into his comlink and runs over to the crowd. Did anyone see what those two looked like? Before anyone can answer he is shot down by an assassin droid (CL 8 Battle). The PC’s quickly dispatch the assassin driod and find themselves witness to another murder.


Some questions to consider…

Why did Jewl’a Nightbringer kill the Alderaan people and place republic weapons at the crime scene?
Who shot up the PC’s penthouse and why were Dalia and Savilla so insistent on leaving before authorities could arrive? More importantly how were they able to do so given the security?
What was the mysterious package the Mandalorian and his agent took?
Who are the mysterious Mandaloiran and agent?
Why was the mysterious XS Corellian freighter at docking pad 87 B?
Why did Zava look so nervous when the authorities were question her about the dead Aqualish docking bay officer?

Episode II: An Unexpected Cargo

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